The yellow stuff

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here mainly because I’ve been sooooo busy! Poor excuse, I know but between, family, church, festivals, swanning off to America, taking on a couple of new jobs and getting used to having a puppy around, well, I’ve found that spare time has been few and far between. I’m hoping that I will be able to make time to share some of my thoughts with you in the coming weeks though. At this point, I have to say that my posts won’t be entirely about song writing and what I have been doing musically. I have a life other than music and if you are willing to listen then I’m willing to share!

If you know me personally then you will know that I like to do things as naturally as I can. I’m not saying that I keep a pot of leaves next to the loo so I can use them to wipe my bum but I do try to use a natural route with a lot of things. I’m still on a journey but my husband says that I become more and more ‘hippy-like’ each day. Just lately I’ve had quite a lot of people message me and ask for help with various conditions and what would I recommend so I thought that I would share some of that tried and tested knowledge here. Now, there are a couple of reasons why I am doing this:

1) If I find something that I think is pretty amazing and helpful then I want to share that. What’s the point in keeping it all to myself when others can benefit as well.

2) I don’t have to keep re-writing the same replies to people. I can just send them the link to my blog and hey presto! That saves an hour out of my day!

I have to say at this point, I am not a doctor (although hubby would joke that I think I am), I am not a surgeon, I am not a nurse, I am not a scientist but I have tried and experimented with things, so maybe that does make me a scientist……..Anyway……so please don’t blame me if you try stuff and you don’t get the same results as me. We are all different, our genetic make-up is very individual and we all react in different ways to different thingsJ

So let’s start shall we?

This week I want to share with you about a little known substance called turmeric. You’ve probably all heard of it and know that you can find it in your local supermarket or Asian wholesalers but did you know that its more than just a bit of powder that you throw in the odd curry? I did think that I would share a massive report on what turmeric does but actually there is so much freely available on the internet including research papers that you can look for that yourself. Im just want to share my personal experience with my yellow friend!

I came across turmeric when my horse became very stiff during the winter months. I had tried many expensive joint supplements for her and Id read of the anti-inflammatory properties that turmeric had. It was cheap so I felt it was worth a try. The results were brilliant! Not only did my mare move like she was a five year old again within a week of starting the paste but her runny eye cleared up which I had tried numerous lotions and potions for including eye ointments from the vets! After a few weks of being on it, a small sarcoid that she had, disappeared. I was amazed! I did lots of research and then started testing turmeric on myself, my family (much to their disgust) and offering it out to friends and it really and truly amazes people.

Stiffness and pain

As I mentioned my horse was stiff and it worked for her so I tried it on me when my hands were quite painful and stiff. It worked! I had less pain and the movement in my joints were much better.

Pearly whites.

So it took me some time to come around to the idea that smearing this bright yellow powder all over my teeth would actually be a good idea. For goodness sake, it stains everything so why would someone be so daft as to put it on one of their prized possessions. Well, curiosity got the better of me and so I went for it. I brushed it into my teeth using an old toothbrush because it stains (not sure if I mentioned that lol). I’d advise having a wet wipe on hand to quickly remove the stuff that dribbles down and around the mouth so it doesn’t stain your skin. Brush for a few minutes and keep rinsing with warm water and then brush your teeth as normal. I could tell the difference straight away and then vowed to use the stuff once a month. If you drink a lot of tea or coffee or drink red white then your teeth will probably be prone to staining so you might want to do it more than that.

Warts and all

My mother in law rang me one day and the conversation went a little like this:

‘ohhhhhh Claire!!! I’m so embarrassed! I have this wart that’s come on my lip and I’m so embarrassed to go out because its massive! I went to the doctors and he told me it was a cold sore but it’s not Claire, ohhhhhh its awful Claire!’

I replied with the usual reassuring jabber and told her I come over with one of my remedies. Lol! I quickly made up some paste and took it over.

When I got there I could barely get through the door because the wart was massive! Ha! Ok so it wasn’t that big but it was quite sizeable in relation to the face. It definitely was not a cold sore! It was a wart! I advised mum in law to apply twice daily and to cover with a plaster so that it doesn’t stain anything. Now, within two days this wart dropped off! As you can imagine, the mother in law was elated! She was now able to leave the house again!

Cuts and scrapes

I have two lovely young boys who are an absolute joy to be around and I feel blessed every day that I’ve been entrusted by the lord to care for them on this earth. Boys being boys, they get cuts and scrapes and turmeric is always on hand to apply to them. As long as I have an extra-large plaster to cover it with, we don’t get stained walls, carpets, sofas, pets etc

Under the weather

Whenever any of the family have any signs of a cold coming on, out comes the golden milk! The boys used to really enjoy it but they aren’t so accepting of it now that Ive forced it down them. As I mentioned before it’s a great immune system booster and seems to tackle colds and flu really well. Don’t get me wrong it may not always ward off a cold but Ive found that if I take it when I feel a coldd coming on and throughout that period, the cold doesn’t seem to last as long as they normally would.


Now this is a tricky ‘claim’. I realise cancer is a very sensitive subject and I’m not saying that this is a cure for cancer but the limited research that has been done relating to patients who take turmeric, are very favourable. There are many studies if you take a minute to google it but this is my experience and Ill share with you the results I’ve had. Again please don’t take this as gospel. So you’ve read about my horse that had a sarcoid that turmeric killed. Sarcoids are a type of cancer. I had a call recently from my mother in law who had been sharing a little about her ‘wart’ experience with a friend. Her friend was extremely interested to know more about it as she had cancers on both her arms and legs which she was booked in to have cut out. I explained what I knew about the yellow stuff and she decided she’d like to start on it so she did. I recommended that she take it orally and apply the mix topically to the skin which she did. After two days she noticed changes in the cancers and after about a week she could see nothing on the skin. She went to see a specialist and whilst there was nothing outwardly they still said some cancer cells remained under the skin To date she continues to apply turmeric and eat it and has decided to see if over the course of time, the turmeric will kill off the cancer cells fully. I will keep you updated with this.


I am of course a singer but I do suffer on and off with sinus problems particularly if I’ve had a cold or have one coming on. There have been a few times where I’ve woken up and I feel really unbalanced or I have pain in my ears and nose which is not helpful when you are working with a full band and you are trying to harmonise the lead singer but you feel like you are in a bubble and can’t really hear anything but muffled noise. I’ve found that if I add some powder to a bit of hot water and down it, it tends to unblock me.


We know that ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory, well so is turmeric which is why it works so well for headaches. Again, tried, tested and won!

The bad points!

1) It stains! No, really, it stains baaad! It just gets everywhere and it doesn’t come off so you might want to wear some ten inch thick overalls, boots, gloves and hat while you are dealing with it.

2) If you introduce it too quickly then you can end up bloated and uncomfortable and a little smelly, if you know what I mean Arry….

3) In terms of using it on animals, particularly dogs, it seems, they tend to smell of cat wee. Some find that its really strong and almost unbearable. I read of one lady who ended up having to clean everything in the house to get rid of the smell. This is unfortunately perfectly normal. It is part of the detox and there’s not a thing you can do about it. I have to say at this point, that this isn’t always the case and as with everything, it differs from dog to dog.

4) It doesn’t taste very nice. I find it difficult to make it an everyday routine thing because of this but I take it every now and again.

How to make the paste:

1) Put two teaspoon of turmeric in a pan and add some water. The heat should be low and you want to cook for about five to ten minutes. If you go any higher than low and don’t stir then you will end up with a huge mess and remember, IT STAINS! You are going to need to keep adding water as it reduces but do it gradually as you want to end up with a white sauce consistency.

2) Add two tablespoons of oil. I prefer coconut oil as it has so many positive benefits to it and its easily absorbed.

3) You can add about seven to eight turns of black pepper at this point.turmeric and root

Keep the paste in the fridge. The coconut oil will harden but this is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Why add the oil and pepper? The simple answer is that both will help the body absorb it as turmeric itself is not very bio available so if you feed yourself the turmeric by itself then you won’t get the full benefit.

turmeric pasteHow to take the paste:

1) Put a spoonful in warm milk and add some cinnamon to hide the taste

2) Put it on toast with some marmite to hide the taste.

3) Put it in soups, scrambled egg, curries, stir fry veg! Anything that hides the taste!

This is a super long post I know and my other posts wont be this long but theres so much to share about this beauty! I will finish by saying that its really important that you buy a good quality turmeric with a curcumin level of between 3%-5%. Too much curcumin can be damaging on a regular basis but too little has zilch affect.

So, now you know what to do, get going before the winter months take hold and you are bound by coughs, colds, flu, aches and pains!