Her Quirky Ways
Verse 1

She intrigued him, her quirky ways,

He looked on and wondered how he’d catch her gaze,

He made the first move, She didn’t pass it by,

So quickly the time came, when they had to say goodbye


It was la,la,la, love, at first sight it felt so right,

It was la, la, la, love, in the air couldn’t break their stare,

For each other, each other, each other.

Verse 2

The distance wasn’t easy, but they made it work,

Everyday, he’d long to hold her,

Phonecalls, butterflies all around,

Blinded by this girl he’d found


They made plans, he bought a ring,

Then on one knee he asked her to be………

His everything, his everything

Verse 3

They bought a house, so picturesque,

Had two kids and a dog, in their love nest,

Hearts entwined, Unbreakable,

This thing they had was unshakable.


So afraid to, participate to, even try,

So I’ll stand by and I will,

Make excuses, for not advancing,

Not pushing myself into anything and

Oh this perfection is misery.


So critical, this I know, nothing I do is good enough for me and I’ll,

Put myself down, before you can

Afraid to fail so instead I’ll bail out and

Oh this perfection is misery.


And I can feel You working it out,

I can feel us breaking ground,

I can feel Your arms surround,

Holding me in this moment,

Changing me in this moment.

I am learning, to be accepting, of myself,

Can you tell as I am, singing this song,

It’s not perfect, ‘cos I know that I’m not perfect but

He is perfection in me.