I spent another day in the studio a week ago and last night I got to hear the track for the first time after it had been mastered. I have to say I think this Is my favourite out of the three that Ive recorded so far. When I wrote the song, I literally cried the whole way through writing it and when I say ‘cried’, I don’t mean a few tears crept out, I mean full on, ‘couldn’t get the words down quick enough through the sobs, cry’. Without giving anything away, the subject of the song is something so powerful that just the thought of having to do as the person in the song did, is beyond comprehension for me.

As always Josiah was a master on an array of instruments and after a little bit of direction on what instruments I thought Id like and how Id like the song to feel, he then played me something which again reduced me to tears! Thankfully he was in another room so didn’t see my blubbering face but he was a little concerned when at the end of the piece, he asked ‘How was that?’ and I couldn’t reply as I was so choked.

So the release date of this one is the Mon 14th of April and in the meantime please like my music page on facebook and check out the competition I’m running, where you could have a sneaky preview of the up and coming song if you win. Continue listening, sharing and buying (if you feel able) the other two songs and encourage your friends and relatives to jump on the band wagon too! All of your support is much appreciated, more than you will know!