I am a wife and mum to my beautiful family and I thank God for this privilege (most of the time!). Andrew is my hubby and if it wasn’t for him, you wouldn’t be here reading this. He arranged it all as a big surprise and if it wasn’t for his gentle encouragement then I would probably still be singing to the living room walls and my songs would still be in a scrappy notebook next to my guitar. As it is I am now performing at various bits and bobs locally and am hoping to expand on this as time goes by.
I have two amazing sons: Noah and Elijah. They are both at school and bring me such joy! They make me laugh everyday and help my patience vine to grow and grow! Lol! As you can imagine, living with three boys (and growing up with two brothers), I’m a bit of a pro at ‘boy things’ so give me a Nerf gun, a car or a muddy track and army outfit and I’m well within my comfort zone :)

Besides spending time with my family, I love spending my days with my horse, Bella. She is lots of fun being an Arab! We’ve been on an interesting journey together from the conventional way of riding with bits, whips and metal shoes to riding out bitless, barefoot and bareback (or treeless).  We are both much happier that way and you will find us lolloping around Dartmoor together most days of the week.