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On Friday I had the privilege of being back in the studio working on a song I wrote just a couple of weeks a go! I had chosen a song that I had written some time ago to take into the studio with me but God, as he does, changed my plans for his own and the result was the song we recorded.

It’s such a blessing working alongside Josiah and for this song we were really on the same page. Every thought or idea I had, he also had and the final outcome was exactly how I envisaged the song to be. He really is a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to instruments and he has been more than happy to contribute his musical skills to the songs that I bring which means I can just bring my own guitar and don’t have to bring along lots of musicians. Because of Josiah’s skills we always get the authenticity of each actual instrument being played live rather than a computer doing it for us. The main blessing of working with Josiah is that he is also on the same wave length when it comes to faith which is brilliant as he totally understands that relationship with God since he has one himself and we can talk openly about our day to day walk with God.

When Andrew initially booked a day in the studio for me last time and revealed that I’d be videoed, I was pretty nervous about the whole thing. I’m not ‘showy’ or particularly comfortable in front of the camera and the photos you see on my website were probably the best of about a thousand taken that day! Lol! I’m comfortable with who I am in Christ, I’m comfortable in my skin but being front of the camera is just not really me so I really thought I may look and feel awkward. Thankfully, by the time we got to the recording, I felt very relaxed about the whole thing and I managed to focus on the words of the song and switch off to the cameras in the room. This time around was slightly different in that Josiah was in the room with me moving the cameras around and I had the added difficulty of the song being written about someone else. I of course could relate to some of the lyrics and I’m hoping that I look just as relaxed in this video as I do in the last one.

This song is quite different to the last one and I cannot wait to see what you all think about it, so watch this space!

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