Hey people,

Thanks for visiting my page!
I love to sing and write songs because I believe God has given me a voice not to ‘hide under a bushel’ but to ‘be a light for the nations’. I want to honour Him with the gift He’s given me and use it in a way that will bring pleasure to Him, and I really pray that my music speaks to your hearts too.
I have a real passion to see the church rise up and worship their king wholeheartedly with their own voices, hence being on the ‘worship team’ at the church I attend in Plymouth! I believe something so powerful happens when you let go of all of your fear and embarrassment and worship God from the heart without holding back. When we sing from our hearts, we sing from a place of vulnerability and need and that’s where we need to be for God to really work in us.

I believe God wants us to know how very precious we are to Him and that is something that resonates through a lot of the songs I’ve written. He is constantly telling us in his Word how we are accepted, forgiven, flawless, etc. but if you’ve spent a life time hating yourself and the way you look then this is really hard to get to grips with. Just know that when He looks at you, He doesn’t see you as you see yourself, He sees you as the perfect and most beautiful being that he created with his own hands. It’s taken me a long time to really listen and understand that and I still have days where I believe it more than others but for the most part, I know I am perfect to my creator and that’s all that matters. I pray that you will one day believe that too if you don’t already!

I hope you enjoy my first ever original song and keep checking back as I will be adding new stuff as the months go by!